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AI-AP - The 2016 List of Lists, featuring The Meadow.

Muybridge's Horse - A blog entry featuring Barbara Bosworth's images of bird banders from  Birds and Other Angels.

Muybridge's Horse - A blog entry featuring Barbara Bosworth's images of animals from One Star and a Dark Voyage, and Natural Histories.

Musee Magazine - Review of The Meadow, by Charles Pryor for Musee Magazine. 

Barbara Bosworth's Triptychs - Essay by Robert L. Herbert.

NPR - Beautiful Bird Exhibit Spotted at Smithsonian, by Susan Stamberg.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - Video interview with Barbara Bosworth, on using a "slow look" to photograph birds.

New England Trails Artist Residency - Video interview with Barbara Bosworth, on photographs made along the New England Trail.

Peabody Essex Museum - Website for Barbara Bosworth's Peabody Essex exhibition, Natural Histories, April 14, 2012 to March 31, 2013.

To Be at the Farther Edge blog - Selected blog entries written for Barbara Bosworth's series, To Be at the Farther Edge, Photographs Along the New England Trail.

The Boston Globe - Photographer Barbara Bosworth is a Trail Gazer, by Cate McQuaid.

Smithsonian American Art Museum - Earth and Sky: Photographs by Barbara Bosworth, slideshow.

A Life's Work: David Licata's Blog - Interview with Barbara Bosworth about Trees: National Champions.

The Boston Globe - Barbara Bosworth's Photographs Show Nature and Family, by Mark Feeney.

Phoenix Art Museum  - Website for Bosworth's Phoenix Art Museum exhibition, Human Nature: The Photographs of Barbara Bosworth, April 19 to July 27, 2008.

Princeton University Art Museum - Press release about Bosworth's March 14 through June 18, 2000 Princeton exhibition.